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Inquiry and Reservation Management Service

Are phone and email inquiries taking up too much of your valuable time?

Travel Rental Network offers a unique service for busy property owners that can help free up your time and maximize your conversion of inquiries into bookings. As you know, handling inquiries from sites like,, and others can be very time-consuming. Our Inquiry and Reservation Management Service could be just what you need to help you stay on top your inquiries and make sure that they are all handled quickly and professionally.

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What We Do:

  • Handle All Your Inquiries: A Rental Specialist will handle all your incoming inquiries from all the vacation rental listing sites you list with (or just the ones you choose). Your rental specialist will be familiar with your area and your property so they can answer questions and general inquiries on your behalf. When a customer is ready to book, we will refer them to you directly to finalize the transaction. You only need to speak to people who are ready to book!
  • Speak to Your Renters in Their Language: Our staff of rental specialists includes multilingual agents who speak English, Spanish, French and a variety of others languages, ensuring that travelers get the best quality service.
  • Provide Availability and Rate Info: We will answer all questions about rates and availability using the calendar and rate schedule that you provide.
  • Follow-Up to Maximize Rentals: We will follow up on all open inquiries ensuring that every effort is made to convert your inquiries into bookings.
  • Provide Access to All Inquiry Info: Owners are provided with a login and dashboard showing the inquires that they've received, the status of each inquiry and detailed notes from our interactions with the clients. Owners will have complete access to the names, numbers, email addresses and any other information collected from the inquiry.
  • Keep your Calendar Up-to-date: We'll keep your calendar up-to-date as you confirm your bookings so that you'll always have an accurate calendar to refer your customers to.
  • Provide Detailed Analytics: The owner dashboard will help you determine where to allocate your marketing dollars for maximum return on investment by identifying which of your listings is performing the best in terms of inquiry volume and conversion to bookings.
  • Give you the Final Say: We will handle your inquiries, but you decide who gets to stay at your property. As the owner, you can accept or refuse any booking you like. You also have the flexibility to de-cide at what stage you would like us to pass the relationship back to you. You can wait until the final stages of the booking, or take over when you confirm the rates—it's entirely up to you.

Our Owner Dashboard Gives You the Information You Need:

  • Dashboard Screenshot

    The Owner Dashboard gives you quick access to the information you need and the most common activities that you'll perform.

    You can update your payment and account information and check your availability calendar. You can also see how your listings are performing with monthly comparison charts and easy to read pie charts showing which sites are performing the best.

  • Inquiry Search Screenshot

    You can browse all your property inquiries or search for specific ones and get all the general details you need at a glance. You'll have all the customer's contact details handy so you can contact them personally. You'll also have quick access to their requested travel dates, the status of the inquiry and other important details.

    Getting more information about an iquiry or booking is easy. Just click on a specific inquiry for a detailed view.

  • Inqury Details Screenshot

    The Inquiry Details page displays all the information about an inquiry, including the customer information, requested dates, the source of the inquiry and the inquiry status. If the inquiry resulted in a booking, you'll have detailed booking info as well.

    Most importantly, you'll be able to read detailed notes about all of our interactions with this customer from the time their inquiry first arrived. We include summaries of phone calls, emails, status changes and records of every time we follow up with a customer (even if we can't reach them). We do all the work, but you'll feel like were right there beside us.