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To best serve our customers, we are selective about the vacation rental properties that we list on the website. To have your property considered, please call us toll-free from within North America:


(+1 514 558 1506 worldwide)

Or enter your contact information below and a Rental Specialist will contact you promptly to explain how you can get your vacation rental property listed:

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List your Home on Travel Rental Network and Maximize your Rental Income

Looking to make money renting your home or vacation property? Well, you've come to the right place, because Travel Rental Network is the best way to maximize your exposure to your target market and ensure that your property is viewed and rented for years to come. Here's a few reasons why:


A network of over 150,000 travel agents
Villa rentals are an increasingly popular option with travel agents, and more and more customers are turning to travel agents for help renting specialized villa packages. That's why our extensive and continuously updated contact list of over 150,000 travel agents is essential in ensuring continued rentals through 2019 and beyond. Plus, owners can independently negotiate their commissions with the travel agent. Agents are also sent e-mails when new properties are uploaded. This exposure alone makes listing with Travel Rental Network an absolute must for any property owner.


Targeted marketing campaigns
Our expertise and experience in the travel industry and the online marketing industry allows us to focus our advertising efforts directly on your target market. Additionally, Travel Rental Network has its own extensive list of previous villa customers that are also sent e-mails each time a new property is posted. This marketing efficiency ensures that your villa is viewed by people that are both willing and able to rent it.


Homeowner selectivity
Only qualified homeowners with a reputation for fairness and customer service can list on our site. That means visitors know your property represents a great rental value and that you are a trusted homeowner.


So why wait one second longer? List your property with Travel Rental Network and gain access to one of the most attractive customer bases in the rental property industry. Remember, at Travel Rental Network, our top priority is ensuring that your property is rented. That's why we're your best bet in terms of promotional value.

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