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Travel Rental Network is the largest online supplier of vacation rentals for travel agents. We work with many travel agencies, associations and international organizations representing more than 150,000 travel agents around the world. And we only list properties whose owners and property managers are willing to take bookings from travel agents and pay a fair commission. Read more about the benefits for travel agents.

"I am very impressed with your network and will certainly use you more often!"

- Alison Lilly , Sure Aeroflite Travel

Durban, South Africa

"My clients have decided on accommodation. The owner called me immediately after receiving my inquiry. He gave me more info on his property and really sold me on it. I in turn, sold my client on it. I appreciated that he pays commission on his advertised prices. Thanks again for your pro-active responses. "

- Cindy Ford , Atlas Travel

Decatur, IL

"Great site! And so glad you're working to work with agents! We appreciate you!"

- Wendi Carrillo , Dugan's Travels

New Mexico